Tolentino in Paris for Juana Martín

After four thirty in the afternoon, at one of the spectacular halls of the Dosne Thies Foundation, located in the Parisian square of Saint George, the parade of the Cordoban designer Juana Martín began.

Estrella Morente, who surprised the audience by opening the parade with an impressive design from Juana Martin, entered the catwalk holding hands with the Flamenco artist “Bohemio”. She was the best ambassador and responsible who gave voice to the magic experienced throughout the parade.

“Lita”, was the collection chosen to expose at the Paris fashion week 2018. Inspired by the artist Lita Cabellut, who accompanied the designer and did not lose any detail while being sitted at the front row. The Cordovan woman delighted us with maxi designs, fringes, prints and striking colors that invoked a strong and elegant woman.

Hats and headdresses of the Maison Tolentino captivated showing the handmade, exclusive and daring detail that each of the designs transmits with a touch of modernity and exoticism, not forgetting the classic cut that represents them. In this case, the hat models designed to accompany the dresses of Juana Martín at Paris fashion week, were conceived and also inspired by the gypsy painter, whose strength was transmitted throughout the parade.

Striking colors such as yellow, fuchsia, red or blue invaded the catwalk, creating new silhouettes that were accompanied by the crazy creations of the Sevillian designers, altogether forming the perfect synergy.

The way of seeing the art of Lita, the creations of Juana and the voice of Estrella, accompanied by the touch of extravagance and sophistication of the Felipe Vivas and Manuel Carrión creations, made yesterday´s afternoon in Paris an unforgettable exhibition of pure art and design.

The exclusive pieces chosen by the Sevillian designers to conquer the French capital were, among others, Neruda, Camomille, Blosson and Tríloga whose exotic shapes and colors are the clothing key to make women shine.

The models walked wearing the pieces done by the designers, promoting a feeling of freedom, respect and the desire of creating a new original world.

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